Freelancers and Freelance Entities

The basic situation and the aims of our clients are manifold. Thus, we advice freelancing companies and freelancers individually, according to their specific needs.

Our clients are lawyers, architects, people working in the sector of health care as well as other freelancers. Our services begins with the necessary tax advise at the start-up-situation/Merger- or Acquisition, the current corporate tax advice for freelancer or freelance entities up to the optimum sell of the freelance entity/practice.

Our advisory process wants to realize an economically optimum result. We identify taxation risks in time and find legally secure solutions.

We do prepare the monthly or quarterly accounting and preparation of the payroll. Together with our clients, we analyze the current economic situation up to the yearly financial profit statements.


  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Payroll
  • Profit calculation and financial statements
  • Advice and arrangement of practice profit calculation
  • Continuous tax advice in all areas of the tax law for freelancers
  • Preparation of the necessary tax return