Audit Valuations

Valuations of companies, parts of companies or single assets (e.g. real estate) can become necessary for various reasons.

We carry out the valuation of small and medium-sized companies. With our expertise and experiences, we help the responsible managers to determine the value of a company or to take a strategic entrepreneurial decision.

According to the aim and the purpose of the valuation, we act as an independent expert or as a consultant for our clients.

During the course of an audit or the preparation of the (group) financial statements and reporting, we determine the fair value of assets, i. g. real estates, as of balance sheet day (Impairment Test).


  • Valuations of companies
  • Valuations concerning the accounting (Impairment Test)
  • Valuations due to company law
  • Valuations due to inheritance law
  • Transfer tax valuations